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Company History   
 Good Profit Property Agency opened in 1989 and is the most well-known property agent in the Aberdeen District. It has been well-known and trusted for 25 years in the Southern District.
   In the past few decades, regardless of the difficulties faced by the financial turmoil, economic ups and downs, the housing market ups and downs, the reunification of Hong Kong and China and the licensing of the government’s legislative agency, Good Profit Property Agency remained unmoved and quietly insisted on providing property agency services for Aberdeen. The property market in the district has also grown with the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong.
Company Purpose
  Good Profit Property Agency adheres to the principle of "customer first", the company guarantees that the interests of the customer comes first, loyal service, regardless of their status—owners, buyers or tenants, they will be treated equally without discrimination, and any party will receive professional, reasonable and respectable real estate transactions.
  At the same time, the company attaches great importance to the long-term interactive relationship with customers. The service never ends with the completion of the property transaction. The company welcomes customers who have deals to seek after-lease or after-sale assistance from the company when they have problems.
Scope of Service
  In order to provide the best quality services, the company focuses on property agency work in Aberdeen, including sales and leasing in:

  a) Public housing
  b) Home Ownership Scheme (HOS)
  c) Tong Lau
  d) Independent buildings
  e) Large housing estates
  f) Parking spaces
  g) Commercial buildings
  h) Shopping malls and floor shops

We will also provide support services for the following::

  a) Free quotation for owners and buyers
  b) Provide mortgage information to buyers
  c) Arrangement for the buyer to apply for the mortgage in person to the bank to speed up the approval
  d) Provide legal advice to buyers and sellers on property transactions
  Thank you, dear customers, for your support over the years. With rich experience in real estate agency, extensive network of contacts and sincere service attitude, Good Profit Property Agency has promoted important and critical property transactions for many times, and has repeatedly topped the list of transactions, The turnover is fast and large, and the results are obvious to all.
Company outlook
  With the advancement of technology and the rise of the Internet, Good Profit Property Agency also quickly invested in the establishment of a real estate web service, so that customers can easily go to the “World Wide Web” to understand the information of their desired real estate, plus the ability to quote prices and calculate mortgages online, and foreseeing other expenses, the staff of the company will arrange for on-site inspections, which is time-saving, convenient and efficient. Nowadays, renting or buying a flat becomes FUNNY and EASY.
 The company welcomes the owner to entrust the sale of the property, and will assist the buyer to actively find the DREAM HOUSE. The staff will work together to provide professional services as their responsibility to speed up the completion of the sale. The company promises to continue to invest more resources, hoping to bring more surprises to customers, promote the thriving growth of the property market in the southern district, and share the results.